VapoChill 1.88GHz at Tom’s Hardware Guide

From the VapoChill review by Tom’s Hardware Guide:

“For me as hardware tester Vapochill is a gift from the gods. Once you have installed the evaporator more than 50 times you can do it within a few seconds. It enables me to test processors in completely different ways. I love the low noise, which was only made possible by asetek’s decision to use high-quality fans and an excellent compressor.

I already told you that in my expectation future processors will soon require this kind of cooling, because air-cooling won’t be sufficient anymore to remove several hundred Watts of heat. Right now asetek is at least one step ahead of Kryotech.

It is certainly a big plus for Vapochill that you can use it on a wide variety of motherboards and processors. However, providing a universal product bears a lot of risks too.

Vapochill is no light weight, but its 20 kg / 44.5 lbs are nothing in comparison to Kryotech’s monsters. As long as you are of average strength you should be well capable of carrying Vapochill around and e.g. bring it to LAN-parties.”

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