Update on Vouchers and Price Increases

The preorder period will soon be coming to an end, and so is the voucher offer. This means that to get your $200 voucher to our webshop, you must place an order before the end of 31st December, 2022. Any orders placed after this date will not be eligible to receive the voucher. Further details can be found here.

As with the Invicta and Forte Pedals, the preorder price has been discounted slightly to reward those who believe in us and preordered the products early. The same has been the case for these new products, so we will be raising prices on all main products by $50, effective 1st January, 2023. This does not include apparel and accessories.

We have fought to keep prices stable, but increased production costs in addition to supply chain issues, mean that the current lower prices are unsustainable. The La Prima product line, our bundles and the Pagani Huyara R Sim Racing Pedals, however, are exempt from these price rises. So if you want both the current discounted prices as well as the voucher, make sure you place your order before the end of the year.

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