Nils Shows the Way to New Sustainable Standards

Not only is Asetek intently focused on sustainability when it comes to things like reusing the huge quantities of residual heat from data centres; we are also increasingly concerned with finding carbon neutral solutions when selecting materials for the products we make and are continuing to develop.

Years ago, we were often a bit slow to react and didn’t change the materials used in things like liquid cooling units, racks or packaging until new international regulations came out. The mood has changed in recent years, and my colleagues often come up with constructive suggestions of their own, so nowadays it is Asetek that is setting the course on sustainability,’ says Nils Johannes Klitmøller, the chemical engineer responsible for that area. He describes his job at Asetek as something of a labour of love. In his university days, he wrote his Bachelor’s dissertation on environmental technology, as well as a Master’s thesis on plastic-based solar cells.

He continues:
‘We have now put ourselves at the head of the field, and we always use the EU’s REACH environmental requirements as a minimum standard for our products – even for our high-volume exports to the USA and the Far East, where the requirements aren’t yet as strict. But we ourselves are trying to push Asetek even further ahead all the time.

At Asetek we prefer to stay ahead of the industrial changes to environmental requirements. This means that we not only live up to the most recent revisions of 3TG (conflict minerals), California Proposition 65, REACH and RoHS directives, but also more stringent requirements not dictated by law.

These additional requirements are the result of environmental responsibility, not only to climate and health, but also towards our customers to make sure our products stay ahead of the game in order to avoid any future surprises as more and more substances are phased out from use.

Examples of extraordinary efforts include, but are not limited to, reduction/removal of halogenated flame retardants in wires and plastics, use of low-halogen PPS, exclusion of PVC and use of non-leaded aluminium and steel alloys.

We ensure worldwide regulation compliance for the good of our customers and the planet. Customers can therefore expect all our products to adhere fully to the following regulations and beyond: EU Regulation 1907/2006; Annex XVII of REACH, Candidate List of SVHC of the REACH Regulation, RoHS Directive 2011/65/EU, 3TG Conflict Minerals and Proposition 65 of OEHHA under CalEPA.



“It’s a nice feeling to be helping make the world a slightly better place to live in by doing this,”
says Nils Johannes Klitmøller.

You can read more about Nils’ work with sustainability in his job as chief chemical engineer in our Sustainability Report. Find it by clicking the button below.

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