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For more than 20 years, premier thermal solutions from Asetek have been cooling processors around the globe. Asetek’s AIO liquid coolers can be found in high-end gaming PC’s and official eSports tournament machines. They are sought-after by enthusiasts for their reliable operation, ease-of-use and pervasive PC cooling. And, our liquid cooling technology is installed in some of the fastest supercomputers in the world. Whether researching next-gen pump designs, or new fluid types, or optimizing radiator or cold plate designs, we innovate so that users can enjoy high performance cooling for gaming and professional applications. 

Extreme Performance, Reliability
& Quality

We’re committed to delivering greater performance while lowering acoustic noise, and improving energy efficiency. Our latest generation of liquid cooling technology is empowering:

Greater CPU cooling and GPU cooling enabling overclocking performance with quiet operation.

Delivering up to 80kW of cooling capacity per rack to enable deployment of high performance processors in clusters with high interconnect densities

Asetek AIO liquid cooler quality and reliability

Industry Leading Technology

PC Technology

We offer CPU coolers and GPU coolers designed for improved acoustics and greater overclocking potential than stock air cooling solutions. Asetek AIO liquid cooling products allow players to game longer with sustained thermal control on your most vital components. Go beyond CPU and GPU default clock speeds to gain a competitive edge that appeals to gamers at any level.


DIY PC Build mounting fan on Asetek AIO cooler

Data Center Technology

HPC and Artificial Intelligence workloads require high performance processors in dense configurations.

That’s why Asetek Direct-to-Chip (D2C) technology is cooling some of the world’s fastest supercomputers including GPU-enabled AI and HPC installations. We offer extreme performance for air-cooled or liquid-cooled data centers:

  • D2C Ingredient Coolers

Drop-in replacements for air heat sinks that transfer heat out of the server with liquid. Read more

  • InRackCDU™ for liquid-cooled data centers

Rack level D2C solution for liquid-cooled data centers. Read more


Asetek liquid cooled data center servers

Built-in Reliability

We pride our self on designing and building in quality.

In fact, we provide the only liquid cooling solution validated and factory-installed by Intel and which cools several of the Top 20 fastest supercomputers in the world.

Our OEM CPU coolers are the brand-behind-the-brand for many of the most popular coolers on the market for Gaming and DIY enthusiasts – like Alienware, ASUS, NZXT, EVGA and others.


Quality & Reliability
Computer build with Asetek liquid cooler

History of Innovation

For more than 20 years, premier thermal solutions from Asetek have been cooling processors around the globe. 

Asetek is proud of its history innovating and developing CPU coolers and GPU coolers yet recognizes that the story could have been even better. Asetek is returning to its roots, re-embracing the innovative mindset that produced extreme performance products that excite and inspire.

History of Innovation
Asetek liquid cooling innovation

Industry Leading Partners

Cooled by Asetek. Check out the list of premier brand partners who’ve integrated Asetek liquid cooling technology into their offerings.

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