Advanced Cooling for PC Enthusiasts, Gamers & eSports Athletes

Hardware-savvy gamers, enthusiasts and eSports athletes all require peak performance and reliability from their hardware to drive an immersive gaming experience. That’s why the biggest names in high-performance PC components turn to Asetek when developing their premium all-in-one liquid cooling solutions. Our 20+ years of liquid cooling leadership in aggressive heat dissipation enables further overclocking that increases performance.

Liquid Cooling Technology

Asetek invented the sealed-loop liquid cooler. Asetek’s all-in-one (AIO) liquid cooling innovations enabled high-performance PC and workstation OEM partners to provide the industry with better performing prebuilt PCs. 

We are focused on new ways to solve complex thermal challenges, researching new pump designs, new fluid types, new radiator technologies and topologies, and much more. We’re innovating to improve high-performance systems. And, innovating with our OEM partners, gamers and enthusiasts in mind. 

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PC build with Asetek liquid cooling

CPU and GPU Cooling

Our CPU and GPU liquid coolers provide improved acoustics and greater overclocking potential over air cooling solutions.

Quality and Reliability

We Are Relentless When it Comes to Quality

We go to great lengths to ensure there are no surprises from the point you open the box of an Asetek cooler, through to the end of that cooler’s useful life. We are relentless when it comes to quality, from R&D, to supply chain management, from manufacturing and operations, to our quality labs. It’s what keeps us up at night.

Designed, Manufactured and Tested for Quality and Reliability

Here are just some of the ways we strive to provide the quality and reliability that has become synonymous with Asetek coolers:

  • Six Theta-based product development to simplify manufacturing
  • Automated subassembly stations to enhance consistency
  • 100% traceability throughout our production process to provide valuable insight and feedback
  • Helium Integrity Testing to ensure each individual cooler is virtually immune to leaks
  • Vacuum Precision Filling to ensure optimal liquid levels
  • Extreme Temperature Testing to ensure product robustness


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PC build with Asetek liquid cooling

Industry Leading Partners

Cooled by Asetek. You can say, “We’re your favorite brand’s - favorite brand!”
Asetek liquid cooling solutions power many of the leading brands of high-end gaming PCs on the market.
Check out the list of premier brand Gaming OEM partners and Build Your Own OEM partners who’ve integrated Asetek technology into their offerings.

  • Prebuilt PC Partners
  • DIY Partners
  • System Integrator Partners