Energy Saving Technology for Data Centers - and the Planet

Our energy use is growing, and so is the strain on the planet’s energy resources. Data centers are centralized locations that enable our use of the Internet, our smart phones, streaming of TV shows and all cloud services. Most of the data services we take for granted and use daily rely on access and availability of data centers.

Green and energy efficient Data Center technology

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"Why don't politicians impose CO2 requirements on data centers?"

Read Asetek's call to action to Danish and European politicians to voice clear demands to owners of data centers that their climate-threatening energy consumption must be reduced drastically.


Q&A with founder & CEO André S. Eriksen

Is water cooling of computers, servers and data centers anywhere near mature as a technology?


According to the projections of the Danish Energy Agency*, 17% of Denmark's total energy use in 2030 will go towards data centers.

Asetek’s patented technology can reduce the energy data centers use for cooling by up to 50%. This is done by cooling the processors directly instead of cooling the entire rack.

*basisfremskriving 2018


A number of data centers use green energy from wind turbines, which is great.

But regrettably a lot of the energy used in data centers is wasted. Air-cooled data centers cool the whole server room, and the energy spent cannot easily be recovered.

Asetek's liquid cooling technology provides an energy efficient alternative to air-cooled data centers.

With Asetek’s technology we can recoup the energy spent cooling the processors and and provide the current remote heating network in Denmark with 60°C water – which is the temperature experts tell us is ideal for remote heating. Together we could heat the cities of Aarhus, Aalborg and Odense, with only the heat from Danish data centers.



Liquid cooling technology from Asetek can reuse up to 80% of the total energy used in data centers as 60°C hot water.

Total energy use by data centers can be reduced by up to 25% since our technology of cooling only the processors, not the whole room, is a lot more efficient. So not only do you save energy going into the data center, you can reuse the energy going out.

Did you know? This saving corresponds to the CO2 footprint of all civilian air traffic…

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