Liquid Cooling for Data Centers

Cutting edge AI and HPC clusters require not only the highest performing versions of the latest CPU and GPU offerings from Intel, AMD and NVIDIA, but all packaged in dense configurations. This translates into substantially higher wattage densities at both the node and the rack level. Data centers around the globe are finding that liquid cooling is becoming a necessity as air is no longer a reliable solution. Asetek's data center technologies bring advances in performance and increased densities.

Enabling High Performance, High Wattage Densities

Asetek liquid coolers are a drop-in replacement for air heat sinks within server nodes. Designed to fit within a 1U chassis, this allows for maximum densities at both the node-level and rack-level to minimize the interconnect distance between the servers both in and between the racks.

Our solutions are based on low pressure, redundant pumps and sealed liquid path cooling within each server node. 

Asetek datacenter liquid cooling in server

Unleash Server Performance Potential
- Optimize compute with Asetek D2C LC technology
- Run the hottest and fastest processors.
- Maximum sustained CPU throughput and prevent throttling.
- Improve reliability and increase uptime.

Shift CapEx to Compute
- Power: Grow DC server count within current power envelope.
- Space: Increase server count within existing racks.
- Cooling: Purchase inexpensive dry coolers rather than chillers.

Reduce OpEx
- Utilize power efficient cooling to eliminate chillers and cooling towers
- Reduce server power by eliminating fans

- System Level Design and Support for Maximum Performance and Reliability
When defining our liquid cooling platforms, Asetek qualifies all materials for compatibility while ensuring proper chemical balances within the system.

- Distributed Pumping Advantages
Compared to centralized pumping, Asetek D2C solutions enable distributed pumping renowned for being extremely reliable, given benefits of constant immersion in fluid.


Energy saving technology for data centers and the planet

Benefits of liquid cooling over air cooling in data centers

Energy Efficiency

Liquid cooling enables extreme high performance computing (HPC) with dramatic energy savings. Asetek's liquid cooling technology provides an energy efficient alternative to air-cooled data centers. Asetek's patented technology can reduce the energy data centers use for cooling by up to 50%. This is done by cooling the processors directly instead of cooling the entire rack.

- Reduces data center energy usage for cooling by up to 50% over traditional air-cooling
- Lowers processor temps, resulting in 4% reduction in solution times
- Minimizes latency by maximizing cluster interconnect density​


Waste Heat Recovery

Asetek technology is enabling the greening of data centers through waste heat recovery and re-use for things like district heating networks. 

With Asetek technology, Data Center operators are in control and can adjust outlet temperatures independent from the water in the racks and adjust the pump speed, to maintain consistent return temperatures.

In addition, the energy spent cooling can be recouped and for example provide 60°C water for remote heating or turn the waste hot water into electricity. 

Flexible, Proven and Reliable Liquid Cooling Technology

Our Direct-to-Chip (D2C) liquid cooling provides a distributed pumping architecture to address the full range of heat rejection scenarios in air- and liquid-cooled data centers. We offer a highly flexible, reliable and proven liquid cooling platform to efficiently cool the latest server designs and help users manage the transition from an air cooled to liquid cooled environment.

Proven Performance

Our Direct-to-Chip (D2C) technology is cooling some of the fastest supercomputers in the world – including high profile GPU-enabled AI and HPC installations.